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Friday, October 15, 2010

Survey on and quality inspections

GK Water (GKW) was asked to conduct a comprehensive survey on the water and sewerage reticluation system in the Eastern cape to determine the current state of the networks and to determine a cost of repairs to the system. We are proud to have completed this within the time allocated and done it to the satisfaction of our client.

Water Network Management

GK Water was hired to Manage the water & sewerage Networks in Queenstown, Mlungisi and Ezibeleni on behalf of our client over the passed few months. This consisted of developing maintenance plans, project plans, costing of projects up to R6m, Managing staff working on the networks and capital expenditure on the networks. Then was conducted sucessfully in a proffesional manner.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Introduction to GK Water

GK Water was registered during 2010 as a new company in the Water & Waste Water industry, currently Operating throughout South Africa. We are a small enterprise, with proffesional staff in the fields of water engineering, Water Reticulation, Water purification and waste Water Operations. We also conduct accredited training in the field mentioned and include coaching and mentoring to our learners and clients.

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