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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


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GKWS values:
* Integrity
* Excellence
* Innovation
* Honesty

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Head office South Africa: GK Water cc ta GK Water Solutions
Address: 43 John Vorster Street Sterkstroom Eastern Cape Province 5425 South Africa

The name you’re looking for is GKWS

The place where we always do our best

If you look out for us, we’ll do it for you

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And if maby you didn’t have a clue…

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So if luck is really being mean,

Then just hire the GKWS team
Renee Maritz

GK Water Solutions have embarked on various assignments during the periode 2009 - 2011. We want to share oour excitement with our trusted clients and also thank you for your on-going support and trust in us. The GKWS's team is comitted in continuing to serve you and the communities with an improved dedication and commitment to ensure the best quality and lowest possible cost at all times.


GKWS is proud to announce that we have completed all our projects with 100% sucess. Below are some work completed by GKWS's team during this periode:

* Accredited training: Our training team has completed accredited training with 111 learners, acted as coaches and mentors to 96 learners. We have also assisted some of the learners by introducing them to potential employers within the industry with some sucess in this regard. This training was conducted as learnerships in water & wastewater treatment and water & wastewater reticulation.
* We have done condition assessments on 21 wastewater plants with staff skill assessments.
* GKWS have completed condition assessments on 13 water treatment plants with staff skills assessments.
* The GKWS team has developed Standard Operating procedures for 33 water & wastewater treatment plants.
* We have conducted condition assessments on 37 portable water, raw water and wastewater pump stations.
* The GKWS team was also involved in the condition assessment of the wastewater networks in two major cities and the condition assessment of the water network in one town.
* All of the above was conducted and submitted within the allocated time frame with proposals and we assisted with the improvement strategies for all the above.
* GKWS have also proven their project management skills as we have been requested to manage some projects on behalf of our clients during this periode.

This was intended to thank to you (our clients) and we are confident that we will enjoy your continued support in future.

Yours Faithfully


With the start of the new financial year, I would like to thank all of our employees for their hard work, commitment and dedication during the last quarter. At GKWS, we are all committed to recognize all the efforts of all our team members and to ensure that you all know that you are appreciated not only as a team, but also as individuals.

I would also like to thank the families of our staff for all your sacrifices as some work away from home (Botswana) in difficult, challenging circumstances. We are very proud of our achievements in the past and with the start of the new financial year, we are looking forward to new challenges.

G. Maritz